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Why D L Cole & Company

We are Distribution Specialist in Warehouse Management and Third Party Logistics, serving Craft Beer, Specialty Beverage, and Food Producers with their Refrigerated Storage needs. Where Nimble, Dedicated, Customer Service is our Top Priority.


A public warehouse license is required for a warehouseman who provides warehouse service for alcoholic beverage licensees. This is distinguished from private warehouse permits, where a licensee has a leasehold or ownership interest and provides his/her own help at a premises other than that where licensed. The Act defines a public warehouse as "...any place licensed for the storage of, but not for sale of, alcohol, or alcoholic beverages, for the account of other licensees..." (Sections 23036 and 23375). A public warehouse is one of the types of premises to which imports may come to rest (Section 23661). It is also one of the types of premises from which a distilled spirits wholesaler may make deliveries if it is in the county where he/she is licensed (Section 23355.1).

D L Cole & Company's Industry Experience Shows

With over 5 decades of combined distribution experience behind our family owned and operated business, we know how to work as your partner and warehouse distribution center in California. Maximizing transportation efficiencies, freshness, and local availability for your Distribution Network Partners.